Jr./Sr. High School

Jr./Sr. High School

wolflogoThe Junior/Senior High School houses grades 7th - 12th. It has one Jr. High principal, one High School principal, one Dean of Students, two guidance counselors, 38 teachers and 16 classified staff. There are a total of 466 students, with a student/teacher ration of 12.2:1.

They share with the Northside and/or Southside elementary schools: a grant writer, band teacher, art teacher, 21st Century grant coordinator, a school psychologist, speech pathologist and school nurse.

They also have no-contract resource staff as follows: a school resource officer, career counselor and 3 Mental Health Alta Care program staff.

Wolf Point High School offers a variety of academic and nonacademic classes, such as, Math, English, Sciences, Histories, art, home economics classes, physical education classes, vocational classes and foreign language classes.

The JR/SR High School encourages students to participate in our sports programs. We offer a variety of sports programs, like cross country, football, basketball, volleyball, track, tennis, wrestling and golf.

The school offers many extracurricular activities and clubs. We encourage our students to participate as much as possible. Some of them are swing choir, speech and drama, drill team, cheerleading, national honor society, pep club, photo club, Indian club, The White Wolf Song and Dance Club, FCCLA, FFA and more.

The JR/SR High School also has a school store, run by the students through our JMG program. The students are very active in all events, like the sobriety run and anti-drug and alcohol programs.

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