Northside Elementary

Northside Elementary

The Northside Elementary houses the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. The staff includes one principal, 16 teachers and 12 classified staff. There are a total of 229 students, with a student/teacher ratio of 14.3:1.

They share with the Southside Elementary and/or JR/SR high school a librarian, grant writer, music teacher, band teacher, art teacher, speech pathologist, school psychologist, 21st Century grant coordinator, school nurse and Opportunity Learning Center staff.

The Northside School has many activities. They have an after school program, including arts and crafts, The White Wolf Song and Dance Club and more. Sports are also an important aspect of the school's activities. They have  basketball, volleyball, wrestling and more.

The Northside also has may other programs, like the perfect attendance program, the honor roll program and many more academic programs.

Recently, the old Northside building has been completely renovated. It has increased the schools size, so that much needed classes can be held here. It has a complete state of the art technology center. Teachers can now use it for computer based academic classes, such as math and reading.

The old Northside School also houses the music room for the schools music and band programs. It contains the OLC (Opportunity Learning Center) where children, that are having a difficult time in school, from all grades can be placed to continue their education rather than have to leave school.

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