gazeboWolf Point is the county seat of Roosevelt County. It is also the largest city in the county with a population of 2,880. Wolf Point is located in the southwest corner of Roosevelt County in the historic Missouri River valley and is the trade center for northeast Montana.

Our community is on the main line of the Burlington Northern Railroad with large grain elevators that ship grain to market. Wolf Point has the only Amtrak station with a ticket agent between Williston, ND and Havre, Mt.  Wolf Point is approximately 96 miles from Williston, ND which is the main hub of the Bakken Oil Fields.

Wolf Point has an excellent Medical Facility with a hospital, clinic, and nursing home. Wolf Point school system has three different schools. First to Third grade is located at the South Side School with an enrollment of approximately 333. Fourth to Sixth grade are located at the North Side School with an enrollment of 238. Junior High and High School are located at the west end of town with an approximate enrollment of 489.

We have much to offer with a local radio station, weekly newspaper, cable television, Internet service provider, wide variety of retail stores, well maintained parks, and numerous churches.  Wolf Point has excellent summer youth programs such as swimming, baseball, soccer and tennis.  The Fort Peck Dam recreation area, just an hour drive from Wolf Point, features the world's largest earth-filled dam. It has water sports of all types, fishing, boating, swimming and skiing. Fort Peck Lake enjoys national recognition as a hot spot for walleye fishing. The lake also offers excellent fishing for sauger, smallmouth bass, lake trout, chinook salmon and northern pike.

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Missouri River
Wild Horse Stampede
Fort Peck Lake
Fort Peck Theatre

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